Nutrition and Tips


A Guilt Free Treat This Christmas – Raw Cacao Cherry Slice

  Looking for a guilt-free treat to curb your chocolate cravings over the festive season? Try this delicious recipe.. Raw Cacao Cherry Slice Raw Cacao Cherry Slice Ingredients 100g desiccated coconut 200g fresh cherries 30g cacao powder 30g pistachio nuts, no salt 10g cacao nibs 125ml coconut oil 100g raw, unsalted almonds


Navigating Intolerances and Allergies

    One of the hardest factors to cater for with an allergy or intolerance is understanding what food or ingredient swaps will help with health and performance. To discern between the two, allergies elicit an immune response from the body usually within 30 minutes of exposure to the allergen,


Eating and Drinking Before Workout

  Life is busy, and finding the time day in day out to squeeze in training or physical activity can be tough, but you get it done. Regardless of whether or not you’re the early bird for the 5.30am classes, or the night owl who finds the late session after


Supplements On The Challenge

  The boom of supplements into the health and fitness industry has raised more questions than it has solved, but knowledge is power when it comes to knowing what to have when to have it and why. Principally, supplements ‘supplement’ your existing eating patterns, therefore solidifying your nutritional foundations is


Foods For Performance

  All you want is to perform and live the healthiest life you can, and within this sphere, the words ‘superfood’ are all but too present. Superfoods have gained much media hype and attention in light of their concentrated nutrient profiles and you are almost told to only eat these