Welcome Challengers!


Whether you’ve done the Challenge before and are coming back for more, or you’re a first time Challenger ready to kickstart your health journey – the next 8 weeks are all about smashing out your goals and creating new, healthier habits!


Throughout the Challenge, we aim to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed over the 8 week period. We want to motivate, inspire and guide you to success and allow you to achieve your goals in a healthy, sustainable way.


Here are all the details you need to know as you embark on this exciting journey!


The F45 portal:

The Portal has been created as your one-stop-shop for all things Challenge related over the next 8 weeks. Here you will find the following resources:


  • Weekly meal plans – Mainstream, Vegetarian and Vegan dietary options
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • Blog articles covering all things nutrition, exercise and health
  • Recipe videos
  • The 45-Point goal tracking system

You will also find additional support through the F45 Challenge Facebook, Instagram and newsletters with updates from the Challenge team.


Our team of nutritionists provides weekly meal plans complete with recipe ideas for both males and females, educational videos, meal plans, blogs, goal tracking tools and updates. We highly recommend you using the portal as your main information resource throughout the Challenge.


Weekly Meal Plans

The F45 Challenge meal plans have been designed by our team of nutritionists as a general guide to help you achieve accelerated fat loss over the 8-week period. As we understand that energy requirements will vary from person to person, we have created our meal plans based on a calorie deficit amount suitable for the average male and female to promote consistent fat loss during the Challenge. For females, this base meal plan is set at 1300 calories per day and for males, 1900 calories per day.


Whilst we cannot tailor the meal plans to suit every challenger’s individual energy requirements, it is important to understand what these requirements are if you wish to alter the meal plans to suit your personal needs. Whilst this is not necessary for the Challenge and you are able to follow the base meal plans as they are, we do understand that some individuals would prefer to tailor the plans so we have provided some tips on how to achieve this.


Listed below is a calorie guide for members to follow if they wish to add additional calories to their diet based on the number of F45 sessions that are completing each week. This calculation is formulated based on an average calorie burn of 500 calories per F45 class.



calorie guidelines

 How Do You Measure Your Results?


  1. Before and after photos – In order to be eligible for the prize pack, it is important to ensure that your before and after photos are clear, high-quality images.

Photo Requirements: 

  • Front, back and side profile shots (Full body, arms down, no posing)
  • Must be in underwear or swimwear (No shorts or shirts)
  • Standing in front of a plain white wall (preferred)


  1. Before and after body scans – speak to your f45 studio about organising this

Make sure to keep your before photos and initial scans until the end of the Challenge when you will take your after photos and end of Challenge scans. These will be submitted to your studio at the end of the 8-week Challenge. These measurements should show total weight loss and body fat % loss.


What Do You Win?!


Each F45 Studio will select their winning male and female Challengers. These winners will be submitted to the F45 Challenge Team And F45 Training HQ, where the global winners will be selected.


Male and Female

People’s Champion – $12,000

Greatest Total Weight Loss – $3,000

Greatest Total Body Fat Loss – $3,000



Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 9.11.11 am


Phase 1: Spring Training (Weeks 1-2)

This is the first phase of the Challenge and focuses on bringing your diet back to basics. Here, we will remove gluten, refined sugar, high fructose fruits, and temporarily, red meat, dairy and caffeine. The focus of this phase is to include foods that promote healthy digestion, so expect to see delicious meals packed with lean white meat and plant-based proteins, fibrous vegetables, and gluten-free grains. If your diet was previously high in sugar or caffeine, you may feel fatigued or experience headaches in these first two weeks as your body adapts to their elimination, as well as the calorie deficit. On the upside, at the end of this phase you should start to see some exciting changes as your body responds to the increase in high-intensity physical activity from your F45 sessions coupled with the Challenge meal plans.



  • Eliminate gluten, refined sugar and high-fructose fruits
  • Temporarily eliminate red meat, dairy and caffeine
  • Improve digestion

Phase 2: Regular Season (Weeks 3-6)

This is the second and longest phase of the Challenge and runs over four weeks. During this phase, we will reintroduce red meat and dairy into the mainstream plan, dairy into the vegetarian plan and low to moderate fructose fruits across all three (mainstream, vegetarian and vegan) meal plans. At your discretion, you may also start to include caffeine.


As the focus during this phase is to maintain lean muscle, the meal plan is based on a high protein diet to support muscle maintenance and recovery. We will also include a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates to facilitate your high-intensity F45 workouts. As you are training in a calorie deficit, it is important to ensure that your body has adequate energy stores to fuel your workouts, promote fat loss and prevent the breakdown of muscle.



  • Reintroduce red meat and dairy
  • Maintain lean muscle
  • Support muscle recovery

Phase 3: World Series (Weeks 7-8)

‘World Series’ is the final phase of the Challenge and focuses on a high fat, low carbohydrate macronutrient split to encourage your body to utilise its fat stores as the primary energy source. Here we will focus on including healthy sources of dietary fat, including oily fish, nuts, seeds, avocado and extra virgin olive oil coupled with a variety of fibrous green vegetables and lean sources of protein. With only two weeks left on the Challenge, this is an opportunity to work even harder during your F45 sessions and really transform the physique that you have worked so hard to achieve over the previous phases.



  • High fat, low carb macronutrient split
  • Include foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Fibrous green vegetables

Note: If you suffer from any medical conditions that may be impacted by following a low carbohydrate diet, please consult with your GP or healthcare professional before beginning Phase 3 of the Challenge.


Now the real fun starts!

And remember, enjoy the journey! We can’t wait to see you reach you smash out your goals and wish you all of the best in the next 8 weeks.