Challenge dates in the Challenge app

By David, F45 Product | Jan 2023

This year the F45 Challenge Team tailored the Challenge to accommodate different regional period requirements. These requirements were:

In order for the Challenge app to support both regions the Challenge app does not distinguish between the two different challenge periods and treats it as a single Challenge. The Challenge app functionally sees the Challenge period as Mon, Jan 23, 2023 to Wed, Mar 15, 2023. The app registration and check-in periods were extended to support the one week earlier start for the Rest of Work and the one week later completion for Australia & NZ. See the graphic below for how the Challenge app treats dates for everything.

How does it affect my studio’s Challenge requirements?

It doesn’t. All relevant start/end dates, registration/check-in periods, scans and requirements will be communicated by your studio. Your studio is the source of truth for these dates.

How does it affect me in the Challenge app?

If you are doing the Challenge starting JAN 30 (Australia & New Zealand Challengers):

If you are doing the Challenge starting JAN 23 (Rest of World Challengers):

Rest assured, all the Challenge app functionality is still available to all Challengers – when in doubt talk to your studio for their requirements. Additionally, we have also just released a new version that hides some dates that were confusing users and created a link to this document in the Cook-At-Home section of the Challenge app to promote awareness.