Greatest HIITs week

Greatest HIITs week is just around the corner! Forget the usual programming structure as you know it, the workouts for Greatest HIITs week will be completely switched up and the ultimate surprise. This is a week dedicated to the most loved workouts from 2021.

During this week we have provided some fun interactive activities. There is a bingo card complete with tasks to complete over the week. Be sure to check in with your local studio as they may have created their own personalised bingo card.

There is also a trivia card that will test your knowledge on all things F45. Get to as many sessions as possible this week as the answers to the trivia questions will be revealed on screens during the workouts. Get involved and have a go at answering these at the beginning of the week to see how well you know F45!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #f45greatesthiits to share the fun with your community and followers!

Bingo Card and Trivia Card