How to strategize Benchmark – the new strength test workout

By F45 Athletics x F45 Challenge | October 2022

Benchmark is a 45-minute resistance workout designed to identify your lifting capabilities and deliver a strength baseline to build upon. This workout will be offered the Tuesday of ELEVATE Week 2 so you can see the direct effect of hard work across the Challenge when you re-test at the end of your 8 weeks.

How does it work?

The Benchmark workout tests the following movements:

Members will partner up and work one at a time in a “You Go, I Go” format until both partners have completed 3 sets. Each member will have 3 opportunities to reach 10 reps. You must hit 10 reps in one work set (45 seconds) to record that weight.

For example:

– Set 1: 10 reps of 25kg
– Set 2: 10 reps of 30kg
– Set 3: 8 reps at 35kg

Your benchmark score for that exercise is 30kg as only 8 reps were completed in the 3rd set.

To finish the session, once you have completed the 5 main lifts, the TV’s will prompt Max Butterfly Sit-ups for 2 minutes which will also be recorded as part of your Benchmark score.

During this testing, be sure that you are focusing on lifting the most weight you can within the allocated time to achieve the best scores possible. It is, however, recommended that you use the first set to warm up your muscles and feel good performing the exercise before pushing yourself with heavier options.

F45 Athletics Tip: Ask your partner to give you feedback on your form, and if there is anything you need to adjust as you go into the second and third sets. 

How are results and progress tracked?

F45 has been working to bring the ability for you to record, view, and share results of a Benchmark workout right from the F45 Challenge app. You can access this feature from the Track section in the Challenge App. There is also a new share function so you can share with a coach or compare results with friends. Accountability is key!

Good luck!