Improve your strict technique for Benchmark

By F45 Athletics | November 2022

With the introduction of Benchmark comes strict technique. Accessory work has been added into ELEVATE programming to help build strength with some of the key testing stations. Ask your studio for more info on the ELEVATE Movement Calendar.

Chin-ups are one of the most challenging exercises tested in Benchmark but here are some performance tips to help you get there:

Here are additional F45 exercises that can assist with developing the muscles required in a chin-up:

This exercise brings the move closer to the ground, allowing the member to adjust the amount of body weight that they are pulling. To set up correctly, you should hinge at the hips and have the torso directly under the bar throughout the whole movement. Palms will be facing forward at shoulder width. Before the pull, brace the core and engage the lats. Pull the arms up to the shoulders then return to the starting position. Try out this exercise, once you can do 10 reps with good form, you may be ready to attempt a pull-up!