Meet your newest F45 workout – Deuces

Emily Sanderson, F45 Athletics | September 2022

Get excited! This brand new workout is the first time F45 will feature two separate workouts simultaneously in one session. This is a split-focused resistance class where you can choose which workout to do; upper or lower body. Once you pick a side, you will complete the entire class on that side of the room. 

Each separate workout has one pod with 7 stations moving in a racetrack format.  One pod consists of an upper body workout and the second consists of a lower body workout. You will move through only one pod of your choice.

For example; station 1 moves to station 2, station 2 moves to station 3, continue this pathway through to station 7, station 7 then moves to station 1 for a second lap. 

This workout begins with an exercise that will be the daily focus (either pause, tempo, or pulse). It then moves straight into a full-body movement before resting.

The timing for Deuces is:

Lap 1: 

Lap 2: 

There is a 60-second hydration break after the first lap.

Each week of Deuces has a focus so you can work on progressions for the main split lifts and also provide variety between the weeks:

We’re excited for you to try out this new format!