More Than Just a Gym – IGNITE Your Training Experience with the F45 Family

Scott Thompson, Director of Athletics | August 2022

F45 Training has been the leader in team training since its inception in 2014. There is no doubt that team training has quickly become a go-to style of training in the last few years. Team training can benefit more than just physical results itself. It can be a multi-factor experience where members can make both physical self improvements, and build new social connections with a community of like minded individuals. 

Becoming a part of a supportive community can be a catalyst for new friendships; an opportunity to reset and connect with others. The F45 community also extends beyond face to face training in studios. Sharing experiences online has become a great way for members to connect and encourage their friends and F45-ers around the world  with their fitness journey, learnings and achievements.

Team training produces a higher energy and motivating training experience. I think you can agree that some days you just don’t feel like it, but training alongside someone else can help lift up your motivation when it’s lacking. Training partners can also increase individual performance through words of encouragement and accountability. They may  encourage you to increase your intensity, or inspire you to dig a little deeper because of how hard they’re working. Increasing the level of intensity each workout  leads to overall performance growth and achieving results. 

This leads us to the end goal; a boost in accountability, resulting in long term changes to your fitness habits. There are plenty of excuses that many of us come up with to skip a training session, or fall victim to unsustainable choices.  However when you have a supportive team by your side, you are more likely to drop the excuses and show up for you and your team!