Protein Swaps

Protein does much more than help us build muscles and power our workouts, it’s fuel for our lives. To give your meals an added protein boost throughout the challenge, we recommend adding in more whenever possible. Here are a few of our trusty protein swaps to inspire you:

Higher protein breakfast swaps:

Higher protein lunch/dinner swaps:

Higher protein snack/dessert swaps:

When looking for protein nutrition info on a product, check out the food label. A good source of protein is when the food contains at least 10g per serving, although the quantity (and quality) of other nutrients matter too. If a food contains a claim of ‘increased protein’, the food needs to contain 25% more protein than the original content, which still may not necessarily mean it’s a good source (again, consider other nutrients). It can be complicated, but spend some extra time researching the best nutrition, and you will reap the rewards.